Celebration of the Traditional Chinese Drug Research & Clinical Pharmacology "journal Journal 20th anniversary celebration and the World Federation of Pharmacology Professional Committee of Academic, recently held in Guangzhou from all over the country and Hong Kong experts to attend. Ningsheng of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia Executive Committee of the Executive Committee believes that the standards for Chinese medicine with international standards, to make the world agree that Chinese medicine out of the country is good. At present, some of the standard of Chinese Pharmacopoeia, may be international is not very standards, need to continue to supplement and perfect. Many talents and a wealth of traditional Chinese medicine resources in Hong Kong is an international window, Guangzhou, Sichuan and Hong Kong experts and Pharmacopoeia Commission together jointly to complement the national standards for Chinese medicines, complementary advantages and bright prospects. Chinese Pharmacopoeia standards for Chinese medicine published every five years time, I hope the experts through the Mainland and Hong Kong for the Chinese Pharmacopoeia standards for Chinese medicine in 2015 to lead the world to contribute. To build academic exchange platform 

The World Federation of Pharmacology Professional Committee in Guangzhou election of the Second Council of Ningsheng re-elected president of the Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine-Vice-Chancellor. The Committee, Deputy Secretary-General Chang Wen Zuo, Pharmacology Professional Committee of the establishment of for Pharmacology workers to build a organizational platform for international exchanges and cooperation. The new Council focus on accomplishing the World Federation of Pharmacology Professional Committee of one to promote the development of the pharmaceutical industry, influential characteristics of the Professional Committee. 

Chang Wen Zuo said, the World Federation of very great importance to the academic exchange platform for brand building, and actively build three academic exchange platform. Among them, the World Congress of Chinese Medicine as an academic platform has been successfully in Beijing, China, Paris, France, Toronto, Canada, Singapore, Macau, China, Melbourne, Australia, held in The Hague, the Netherlands, for the seventh Conference of the World Federation of brand its influence is increasing every year. 

Baidu and Google search volume estimates in 2010, published in the Third Meeting Industry Conference and Cooperation Fair "100 most influential meeting of the Seventh World Congress of Chinese Medicine ranked 67 is the only short-listed Chinese medicine meeting. Eighth World Congress of Chinese Medicine will be held September 2-3, this year held in Central Hall, Westminster, London, UK, 2012, the Ninth World Congress of Chinese Medicine will be held in Malaysia's Sarawak.


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